Pre-Foundation Phase (Grade RR, R)

The Grade RR Year at Empro Academy is the start of a child’s journey through the school system. Valuable time is spent developing a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. The best method we use for the stimulating and developing of young minds is through the joy of playing. The outdoor playground is an extension of our classrooms, supporting and aiding learning through play as an important part of a child’s development.

The Grade R Year offers a child a more structured environment and provides the primary framework for literacy and mathematics. Equal importance is placed on the social and emotional development of all children at Empro Academy.

We introduce The Singapore Math Curriculum in the Pre-Foundation Phase, and make use of this system up to Grade 7 level.

Foundation Phase (Grade 1,2 & 3)

Children in the Foundation Phase are exposed to the South African National Curriculum (CAPS), as well as The Singapore Math Curriculum..

Our key focus points in the Foundation Phase are:
• Literacy Skills
• Numeracy Skills
• Writing Skills
• Creative Skills
• Knowledge of the World
• Physical Development

In our Foundation Phase we still have a strong belief that children should learn through play, although the classroom is more structured for academic learning to take place. We honour our policy of only 18 children in a class to ensure optimal learning.

Our Foundation Phase learners will be well equipped to start the more structured Inter-Sen Phase, once they graduate from Grade 3.

Extra co-curricular activities for Foundation Phase and Pre-foundation Phase:
• French classes
• Library classes
• Annual concert/revue
• Athletics
• Netball
• Mini-Cricket
• Soccer

Intermediate Phase (Grade 4, 5 & 6)

Children in the Intermediate Phase are exposed to the South African Curriculum (CAPS), as well as The Singapore Math Curriculum.

Class sizes in the Intermediate Phase have a maximum of only 18 per class.
In Grade 4 we assist and prepare the learners to start with the formal exams.

Subjects in the Intermediate Phase:
• English
• Afrikaans
• Mathematics
• Life Skills
• Natural Sciences and Technology
• Social Sciences

Excursions are high on our priority list for the Intermediate Phase, as we believe that children must be exposed to different subject matter. Every year, we take time to find the best poassible places which are educational, but also fun for all learners. we also invite interesting visitors to the school for even more exposure.

Extra co-curricular activities:
• French classes
• IsiZulu classes
• Library skills
• Annual concert/revue
• Athletics
• Netball
• Cricket
• Soccer
• Annual camp

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