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The learners of the school are precious to us as teachers and their well-being and happiness is of great value to us. We will therefore do everything possible to contribute towards their complete Christian maturity and to act as parents and guardians to them.


Our school was established as an extra lesson centre in 2010 but our founder quickly realised the need for schools in the area and Empro Academy was started. With a small group of students of only 12, the dream came to life. Small classes were always the answer to ensure that no student falls behind – therefore our class size mandate is a maximum of 18 learners per class. 

Classes are age appropriately grouped together on the premises as well as on the playground. Interaction between different age groups is encouraged, as students learn from each other here too. A specific area is allocated to the foundation phase students during break times which is separate from the intermediate and senior phase students.

Singapore mathematics – the worlds’ best mathematic system is taught in conjuction with the CAPS curriculum. This puts our students in a more favourable position to excel in maths in high school and beyond.


Water safety is taught to those learners who cannot swim yet. This is done during school hours and is part of our curriculum. Accidents happen too fast and the safety or our students are paramount. If your child already knows how to swim, they have the benefit of a pool to cool down in, on a hot summers day. 

Our Vision

The be the private school of choice where learners receive holistic education that ensures that they are equipped with all skills necessary to excel amidst the ever-growing expectations that the modern world imposes on them from academic, social and emotional perspectives.


Our Mission

The word Empro comes from Empowerment Professionals. As educators we are professionals that empower our students to become the great beings they are meant to be.


Our Motto

Believe. Begin. Become At Empro we believe in each and every child’s wonderful abilities. Here they begin their journey, to become the great beings that they are meant to be.

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